Talk Nerdy To Me: Days 3&4 of the 30 Day Book Challenge

I would go through and explain why I’m doing this again, but chances are, you’ve read my other posts if you’re bothering to come back here and check on my blog. So without further ado I’ll start Days 3 and 4 as I don’t have that much time to write today!



I didn’t feel too badly about missing a day for posting because Days 3 and 4 kind of go together anyway. Day 3 asks for your favorite series, and Day 4 expands upon that asking your favorite book of the series.

This to me is a complete no brainer…I would have to say the Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling. I know that’s kind of a cop out and the “basic bitch” answer. I could’ve picked something worse, I guess. But yeah. I first picked up a Harry Potter book at age 8, and by then, books 1-3 were already out. I powered through them like nobody’s business and loved every moment of them. I remember having to wait for my copy of Goblet of Fire to arrive at my house, since we pre-ordered it on Amazon. My mother had read the books as well, so it was so cool that I had someone to geek out with about the wizarding world. I’ve been through so much with this series, seriously. It followed me from my childhood to my adult years. I cried when Dumbledore died and threw the book at my bedroom wall, leaving a mark that’s still there today. I’ve laughed with these characters and cried and mourned with them as well. I could literally go on forever, but I would bore you all.

My favorite book in this series…that’s a loaded question. I would have to say it’s a tie between “Chamber of Secrets”, because to me that’s the most captivating (aside from ‘Sorcerer’s Stone’ which started it all) or “Goblet of Fire” because that’s when shit got real!

I apologize for this sloppy blog entry, but I’m literally rushing to write this as I am headed to NYC for a comedy show tonight and to prepare for FCBD tomorrow! I promise my next challenge days will not be as horribly written!.

Talk Nerdy To Me: Day 2 of the 30 Day Book Challenge!


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Hi friends, as I said in yesterday’s “Book Challenge” post, I’ve been thinking of ways to make this blog a lot more personal, so you guys can get to know me a bit better, and one of my biggest loves are books! Today I’ll be doing Day 2 of the Book Challenge, and the prompt is “A Book You’ve Read More Than 3 Times”. 

A book I always find myself super gravitated to is ‘The Princess Bride’ and the abridged version by William Goldman (which I think is the only version in English? Maybe?) . The first time I read this book, it was actually assigned summer reading in high school. I remember rolling my eyes and thinking I wouldn’t like this book, but instead, read it all in one day while lounging on the beach at the Jersey Shore. Despite there being a movie I can rewatch, I always find myself re-reading the book, and while the movie is great I much prefer the book. While a lot of the ‘abridged’ bits get written into the movie as conversation between the grandfather and grandson, I really enjoy it a lot in the context of the book because it makes me feel like the story is being read to me, despite the fact I’m reading it by myself. I hope that doesn’t make me sound weird.

My copy of the Princess Bride resides in my parents house, and I seriously need to grab that sucker next time I visit because I’m dying to re-read it again, despite having a few books on my shelf that I am meaning to finish. The copy has breaks in the spine and creases on the pages and I love the book that much more because of it. Next time I read it, I might even be a monster and annotate quotes and things I really love. To some, that might be blasphemous because they love to keep their books in immaculate condition, but for me, a sign of wear and tear just means the book was EXTRA loved!

The saddest thing I remember about reading The Princess Bride the first time was when it ended.  My copy had a few pages of ‘Buttercup’s Baby’, which is the sequel to The Princess Bride, and I remember getting super excited about the thing, only to later research it and find out that it never came to be in a fully translated version because Goldman couldn’t get the rights to it.

This book is literally perfect in every single way, and I highly recommend it if you haven’t read it, especially if you’re a lover of the movie, or love high fantasy and silliness.

More tomorrow from this lovely challenge!


Talk Nerdy To Me: Day 1 of the 30 Day Book Challenge!

Hello lovely people of the internet! In an attempt to try and have this blog be more personal, I’ve decided to undergo some challenges in order to help you guys get to know me better. For those of you who don’t know me on a personal level, I really love to read, which is probably the reason comics and manga appeal to me so greatly. Rather than talk about comics, I’ve decided to go the route of straight up literature and talk my favorite books by doing one of those neat challenge thingies. So, without further ado, here’s the 30 day book challenge I found online. I’m attaching the image so you guys can play along too, if you’d like.

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So Day 1’s prompt is “Best Book You Read Last Year”, which is aughhhhhh so hard, because I read so many books at such an alarming pace when I have the chance to. But I’ll have to say it’s a tie between ‘Dark Places’ and ‘Gone Girl’ by Gillian Flynn. I won’t spoil the plots for either, but both were crazy thrillers I just could NOT put down. It’s been a long time since I powered through a book like that, but I just had to know what was going to happen next in both of the books. I will say that the endings to both books also infuriated me in different ways. Neither really left me with a satisfied feeling, but rather with a little twinge in my gut, still hungry for more of the story. It’s a bit unsettling, but hey, that’s how a thriller is supposed to be, right? In short, Gillian Flynn is literally a fantastic author, and I really want to read ‘Sharp Objects’ soon.

Have any of you read either of the books? We should have a discussion! Write to me in the comments or message me on my page so we can have a book talk.

Sorry this blurb was so short, I didn’t want to spoil two (sort of) mainstream popular books for anyone. More tomorrow!.