“What exactly are Undiesofwondy?” I get this question a lot, to be quite honest. But the answer is more standard than you may think. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy the star spangled booty of Diana Prince? But if your real question is, “Who is Undiesofwondy?”, then look no further for an answer, because you have come to the right place!

Who am I, really? I could be Black Canary, Zatanna, Speedy, Claire Redfield, any of the heroes in your comic books. Because I cosplay, and I derp around in costume a lot. Another thing about me is that I’m plus sized, and while I don’t let it define me, I am not ashamed of admitting this.

I am many things, but here I can be myself fully. I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into my life.

Conventions and Events :

MegaCon – 2012 [Press]

CONvergence (MN) – 2013 [Panelist: Cosplay on a Budget, Arrow, Worst Villains of All Time, Cosplay with a Twist.], 2016 [Invited Participant and Panelist: Cosplay on a Budget, ‘Is This Thing On?’ – Basics of Podcasting]

Albany Comic Con/ Toy Show – 2013 – present [Cosplay Guest, Judge, Volunteer]

Genericon (RPI) February 2014-2016 [Press, Guest/Panelist]

Queen Mab’s Enchanted City 2014- Present  [Fizzie the Fairy, Alice from Alice in Wonderland for promotional event, Social Media Co-Coordinator]

Boston Comic Con – 2014 [Press]

Infinity Con – 2015, 2016 [Guest, Panelist, Cosplay Judge]

FantaCon – 2015 [Intern, Guest, Promoter, Cosplay Contest Emcee]

Flower City Comic Con – April 2016, [Guest, Cosplay Contest Judge, Panelist]

Super Megafest – April 2016 [Guest, Panelist]

Crossgates Ronald McDonald House Radiothon Charity Event [2015- Present]

Other Credentials:

Member: Division 20, The D20 Girls Project (NY Branch Manager) from 2013-2015

Writer: Undiesofwondy.com, Nerdy Minds Magazine (Guest Blogger), EvilGeeks.com (2013- Present), CostumeSuperCenter Reviews (2014 – Present) , Dynapolitan Inc. 

Podcasts: SainioCast (2013), Circuit 42 (2015), EvilGeeks.com ‘Transmissions from the Evil Lair’ (2013-present), Media Junkfood’s ‘JunkFood Podcast’ (2012-2013) , The AngryGeeks Show (2016) , The Geek Culture Podcast (2015, 2016), Soiled Restroom Cinema (2016) , Toku Ladies Podcast (2016)

Print Features: Cosplay+ Magazine (May 2014, January 2015 Cover Girl/Featured Cosplayer), We Rise Cosplay Magazine (March 2014, October 2014), ICosplay’s Anti Bullying Calendar (2015) , IModelzone Magazine (Cover Girl, 2016), ReedPOP NYCC 2013 Promotional Material , Albany Times Union, The Troy Record, Enchanted City Promotional Material

Website Features: Featured on Liquor, Girls and Fuckin’ Video Games as part of their ‘Curvy Wednesday’ promotion. (2013,2014), Love Your Cosplay Body, Plus!Size Cosplay, Guysnation.com, The Lady Gamer Page, CostumeSuperCenter.com, NerdyMinds Magazine, SheAttack.com, REEDPOP Promotional Material NYCC 2013, Imodelzone Magazine, Big Beautiful Cosplayers [Official Page Model] , Rotten Tomatoes NYCC 2014 Cosplay Gallery,

AllThatsCosplay.com, TheCurvyGeek. Cosplay Correspondent for ‘Junkfood Podcast’, courtesy of ‘Media Junk Food’. – 2013

Admin on Plus Sized Cosplay Appreciation, Plus Size Cosplayers, Love Your Cosplay Body, Cosplay Junkfood (2013), New York D20 Girls (2013-2015), The Lady Gamer (2013-2014), Big Beautiful Cosplayers (2016) and COSUnity (2016)


Top 30 in DC’s Infinite Crisis Cosplay Contest. (2013)

Miss Plus Size (Beginner) Photo Contest, 2nd runner up as Lady Joker.

Big Beautiful Cosplayers – Cosplay Photo Contest, 1st Prize

Imodelzone Magazine Model Contest – 1st Prize

Honorable Mention (3rd Place) in Nerd’s News Realm’s Winter Cosplay Contest (2014)


CosREA, CostumeSupercenter.com, PlusSizeLingerie (2015-2016)

Looking for my film/theatre resume? Click HERE!


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