The Cosplay Issues Nobody Wants to Talk About

Hi y’all! I know it’s been a few days since I posted, and I’m sorry about that, I’ve just been working non-stop on a billion and one different projects, so trust me, I’ve got a good reason and it’s allllll worth it!

Recently on my Facebook page, I posted a rant at midnight about how I think that cosplay is so much more than making money. Some people took this in the wrong way, saying I was throwing stones at glass houses, since I make money off of certain things, like prints and appearances from time to time. (I spend and lose waaaayyyy more money than I make, though, I’m no fancy cosfamous person.) Let me clarify for you all: I am NOT, nor will I ever, judge cosplayers for making money off their craft. I think it’s a beautiful and admirable thing, and admire anyone who can make money off of something as awesome as cosplay. Rather, I’m trying to say that MONEY ISN’T EVERYTHING.

I recently unfollowed a cosplayer on Facebook because she kept ranting about how she wanted to be more famous, and was basically resorting to all kinds of desperate measures to get there. It’s stuff like that that really makes me miss the old days of cosplay.

As far as the cosplay vets that have been doing this since the early to mid 90’s, and even further back from that, they obviously have more to say about the olden days of cosplay, but even as someone who’s been going to cons since ’07-08 and cosplaying since ’09 or so, I can see a huge difference in the cosplay community. So many people, myself included, get caught up in the “cosplay branding” thing.  Making a Facebook page, securing a cool cosplay alias, etc. These are all things that are fairly new to the community. Now, once again, before some people attack me for ‘shaming’ people with pages– I’m definitely not trying to say there’s anything wrong with building a name for yourself…I’m just simply saying I miss the good old days. I did everything for the fun of it. I didn’t care what people thought of the quality and craftsmanship of my work. I didn’t use the internet to promote my cosplays, I didn’t even have a Facebook page for them back then. I don’t even have photos of my earlier costumes. People would stop you at a convention and geek out with you. There were no barriers within the community. Everyone just simply co-existed and it was wonderful and beautiful.

There are obviously still reasons to get yourself involved with cosplay, and it’s still an enjoyable hobby for me, of course, since I still do it…but a part of me deep down inside wonders what it would be like if I didn’t have my cosplay page. If I still did what I did purely for fun and didn’t have to worry about the social media aspect of it.

In regards to Gofundme pages, while I do agree some people misuse them and overdo the crowd sourcing from time to time, I don’t personally care what anyone does. If I don’t like a campaign, I’ll ignore it. Far be it from me to prevent someone from giving their own money to a cause they find worthy.

In short, do not concern yourself with the opinions of others. If you feel you’re a good person and make good choices for YOURSELF, that’s all that matters. There will always be naysayers and someone who will take offense to something you do. The more followers/the more you put yourself out there, the more this will happen. Just try and be the best person you can possibly be, and spread the positivity throughout the community!.

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