Hang With Your Friendly Neighborhood Undiesofwondy @ FCBD!

Undiesofwondy will be at Zombie Planet in Albany, NY THIS SATURDAY — MAY 2ND, 2015 — for Free Comic Book Day!

Make sure to stop and say hi, I will have a few goodies and will be hosting a podcast on behalf of my friends at The Brotherhood Of Evil Geeks. Joining me will be the ever talented and beautiful Zan dressed in her Arkham Knight Harley Quinn outfit. I will be in disguise as my true spirit animal, Dr. Pamela Isley aka Poison Ivy! There will be prizes, trivia, and awesome people for you to nerd out with. Don’t miss it!

Zombie Planet can be found HERE on Facebook and on their WEBSITE here.




Talk Nerdy To Me: Day 2 of the 30 Day Book Challenge!


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Hi friends, as I said in yesterday’s “Book Challenge” post, I’ve been thinking of ways to make this blog a lot more personal, so you guys can get to know me a bit better, and one of my biggest loves are books! Today I’ll be doing Day 2 of the Book Challenge, and the prompt is “A Book You’ve Read More Than 3 Times”. 

A book I always find myself super gravitated to is ‘The Princess Bride’ and the abridged version by William Goldman (which I think is the only version in English? Maybe?) . The first time I read this book, it was actually assigned summer reading in high school. I remember rolling my eyes and thinking I wouldn’t like this book, but instead, read it all in one day while lounging on the beach at the Jersey Shore. Despite there being a movie I can rewatch, I always find myself re-reading the book, and while the movie is great I much prefer the book. While a lot of the ‘abridged’ bits get written into the movie as conversation between the grandfather and grandson, I really enjoy it a lot in the context of the book because it makes me feel like the story is being read to me, despite the fact I’m reading it by myself. I hope that doesn’t make me sound weird.

My copy of the Princess Bride resides in my parents house, and I seriously need to grab that sucker next time I visit because I’m dying to re-read it again, despite having a few books on my shelf that I am meaning to finish. The copy has breaks in the spine and creases on the pages and I love the book that much more because of it. Next time I read it, I might even be a monster and annotate quotes and things I really love. To some, that might be blasphemous because they love to keep their books in immaculate condition, but for me, a sign of wear and tear just means the book was EXTRA loved!

The saddest thing I remember about reading The Princess Bride the first time was when it ended.  My copy had a few pages of ‘Buttercup’s Baby’, which is the sequel to The Princess Bride, and I remember getting super excited about the thing, only to later research it and find out that it never came to be in a fully translated version because Goldman couldn’t get the rights to it.

This book is literally perfect in every single way, and I highly recommend it if you haven’t read it, especially if you’re a lover of the movie, or love high fantasy and silliness.

More tomorrow from this lovely challenge!


Talk Nerdy To Me: Day 1 of the 30 Day Book Challenge!

Hello lovely people of the internet! In an attempt to try and have this blog be more personal, I’ve decided to undergo some challenges in order to help you guys get to know me better. For those of you who don’t know me on a personal level, I really love to read, which is probably the reason comics and manga appeal to me so greatly. Rather than talk about comics, I’ve decided to go the route of straight up literature and talk my favorite books by doing one of those neat challenge thingies. So, without further ado, here’s the 30 day book challenge I found online. I’m attaching the image so you guys can play along too, if you’d like.

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So Day 1’s prompt is “Best Book You Read Last Year”, which is aughhhhhh so hard, because I read so many books at such an alarming pace when I have the chance to. But I’ll have to say it’s a tie between ‘Dark Places’ and ‘Gone Girl’ by Gillian Flynn. I won’t spoil the plots for either, but both were crazy thrillers I just could NOT put down. It’s been a long time since I powered through a book like that, but I just had to know what was going to happen next in both of the books. I will say that the endings to both books also infuriated me in different ways. Neither really left me with a satisfied feeling, but rather with a little twinge in my gut, still hungry for more of the story. It’s a bit unsettling, but hey, that’s how a thriller is supposed to be, right? In short, Gillian Flynn is literally a fantastic author, and I really want to read ‘Sharp Objects’ soon.

Have any of you read either of the books? We should have a discussion! Write to me in the comments or message me on my page so we can have a book talk.

Sorry this blurb was so short, I didn’t want to spoil two (sort of) mainstream popular books for anyone. More tomorrow!.

A Review For You : HELLOOOOOOO NURSE! [Costume SuperCenter]

Hello my lovelies! I’ve been meaning to post up this blog for a while but life got in the way. I’m not sure if any of you guys were aware, but I’m sponsored by the lovely people at Costume SuperCenter, and they were kind enough to send me an awesome costume that I used to shoot my crazy Nurse Harley with Kevin over at IModelZone Magazine.

One of the main reasons I was so stoked to team up with the guys at CSC was because I was noticing a lot of turmoil within the cosplay community as a whole about ‘storebought costumes’. While I can understand from a competition perspective how store bought costumes can be frustrating to those competing, I find nothing wrong with purchasing versus making your own costumes. Not all Halloween costumes are poorly made, and this one from CSC proves that! I loved the material, it was super comfy. Another reason I love Costume SuperCenter is because they have such a large selection of plus sized costumes, which a lot of sites sorely lack. Normally, searching for plus sized costumes online is like, “What? You mean you DON’T want to wear a gigantic burlap sack?” But the CSC website has tons of cute costumes for us curvier chicks. This costume made my curves look awesome and showed a respectable amount of cleavage without being trashy! The only thing that bothered me was that it was short — but hey, nothing a pair of spandex booty shorts won’t remedy. I also would have liked an actual hat as opposed to the head piece, but I love the way the headpiece looks!

I hope to use this costume again for a Silent Hill Nurse in the future — thank you so much Costume SuperCenter friends for making this possible!

You can find them on Facebook and on their website, CostumeSupercenter.com!


Things Nobody Tells You About Being A Cosplayer : A N00b’s Guide to the Cosplay Lifestyle

For us seasoned veterans, some of these things may seem like no brainers, but for those who are new to cosplaying or are strangers to the hobby, some of these things may come as a surprise. Since my family and friends ask me a ton of questions about my hobby, I thought an article of this nature would be helpful to explain certain aspects of cosplay, and that others could share this with others and a ton of people could benefit from it! How many things surprised you, my non-cosplaying friends? How many things on this list have you been asked by “muggles”, my cosplay pals?

Cosplay Can Be Expensive!


Many people unfamilar with cosplay don’t realize how much money goes into these costumes. I know I have to budget in order to be able to afford big projects I am working on. A lot of family or friends outside of the cosplay world who I’ve spoken to about my costumes are frankly shocked that you can’t just buy some things, and you have to make them with expensive supplies.

No, We Cannot/Will Not Make You a Free Costume for Halloween…

While I’m flattered that people think I’m good enough at my costuming that I can pump out creations all the time, that is definitely NOT the case. I don’t even really sew, exceptions being small hand-stitches here and there. As I said in the previous point, so much time and money goes into making these costumes, and taking on commissions for free is just simply not an option. And no, you also cannot borrow any of my cosplays to go get drunk in on Halloween. I am not a costume rental shop!

Cosplaying at Conventions Can Be Physically and Emotionally Draining…

We all love the attention we receive as cosplayers at conventions, and while we love posing for photos and stopping to talk about our costume, sometimes it can be exhausting. Although I’m a social person, I need to step out of cons and take a breather sometimes because it can all get really overwhelming. I can’t tell you how many times I just feel like I’m about to die because my plastic boned corset is attacking my ribcage, but I’m smiling like a champ through photos and conversations. Every cosplayer has had that frustrating moment where they’ve just sat down to eat their first meal of the day, or to rest their blistered feet, and is approached with a sheepish smile and asked for a photo. We feel like assholes saying no, so we’ll stand up and take a photo, but secretly, we want to murder you slowly.

It’s Not Adult Dress-Up or Some Sexy Kink Thing…I Promise.

Photo by Imodelzone Magazine
Photo by Imodelzone Magazine

I don’t know why people think it’s a dirty thing, I literally for the life of me do not understand how I get this question more than every other question. Cosplay is anything but that. I promise you, I’m not a secret porn star. And it’s so much more than just playing dress up. Many cosplayers do charity events in costumes. They  treat it as art, and it’s borderline offensive to refer to it as “goofing around in costume.” Even if we do goof around in costume!

Not Every Cosplayer Enters Competitions…

I’ve never entered a serious competition in my life. For me, it would take some of the joy I find in costuming out of it. I get anxious when I feel like I’m being judged, which you LITERALLY are judged in costume contests. A lot of people who assume every cosplayer competes have become acquainted with the popular SyFy show ‘Heroes of Cosplay’, which has largely brought cosplay to the mainstream world. However, competitive cosplay is just one small faction of the entire community.

Cosplayers Are Everywhere!

Us cosplayers attend conventions all over the place. Some cosplayers can taut themselves as “International Cosplayers” because they’ve been to cons in Canada, Puerto Rico, and even Mexico! There are tons of cons, not just ‘Comic Con’ in San Diego and ‘New York Comic Con’ in Manhattan. Cons come in all shapes and sizes!

Some People Can Even Make a Living By Cosplaying…

From Yaya Han’s Official Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/yayacosplay

Yep, you read that right, newbs. Some people even make money off the hobby. Some talented seamstresses and propmakers run shops where they take commissions from cosplayers from all over the place. Yaya Han, one of the most notable cosplayers, has her own shop where she sells everything from cute wings, to wigs, to costuming materials such as Worbla, a thermoplastic. Other cosplayers get paid to appear at certain booths at conventions, or to speak at different events. Still think it’s adult dress up? Didn’t think so.

Cosplay is For Everyone!


Sadly, this is something that sometimes we need to explain to both cosplayers and non-cosplayers alike. It’s not a hobby purely for “hot models” or “people who fit the characters”. It’s for everyone. Everyone reserves the right to re-imagine characters they love into a form that makes them feel comfortable. Screen accuracy is cool and all, but that’s not the main objective. The most important thing is having fun! And literally anyone at any time could take up the hobby. Your skill grows as you keep doing it. So why not? Come join the dark side!


Drop an F-Bomb, Because “Fat” Isn’t a Bad Word!

Breaking News: Fat Isn’t a Bad Word!

I can recall one time vaguely where I actually stood up for myself in elementary school, the one girl who had given me hell all through my years in this particular school, was bothering me yet again at the 5th grade lunch table. It was towards the end of the school year, I remember it being warm and the excitement of graduation was upon us. Whatever she was doing to me, I wasn’t having it. I was fed up and finally thought it was time to stand up for myself. I turned to my antagonizer and said something along the lines of: “Why don’t you shut your fat mouth, or better yet, stuff it with some fat free jelly?” (Yeah, there was jelly on the table and I went with it, I wasn’t good at standing up for myself back then, okay?) I remember it shutting the bully up and I remember some of the other kids laughing about it. Why did this stupid quip shut her up? Because being called fat, or worse, actually being fat, were the worst things our small little underdeveloped minds could think of.

It was only recently that I came to terms with the fact that fat, although a state of being, was not a bad word. It was not a cuss, swear, or anything of the sort. Now, I’m not saying that it can’t be used to hurt someone’s feelings. Any word used in a vicious context can seem mean, depending on your state of mind. Looking back on old photos of me from high school, I laugh, because I was nowhere even close to being fat, but I thought I was grotesque and huge.

My question is: when did we, as a society, first start using the word “fat” with negative implications? Even when I talk to people about body positivity, whether it be about cosplays, or ‘muggles’, or the non-cosplaying folk, who are interested in what it is I do as ‘Undiesofwondy’, they seem to dodge the word fat. It seems like they use a plethora of other words to try and avoid “the f-word”. Chubby, pleasantly plump, even plus sized are all codes for “fat”.

Hold onto your seats, because what I say next may shock you: I’m fat. I am a fat person. A fatty. A chubster. Plus Sized. Call me whatever you want, because guess what? It’s the truth. A truth I’m no longer ashamed to admit.

I recently read an article talking about the ’10 Things Fat People Are Sick of Hearing’ and while I can’t remember every single thing on the list or where it even came from, most of it rang true and applied to my own experiences. One thing that resounded with me the most was in relation to people making comments like, “You would be so pretty if you just lost a little weight!” Or assuming I don’t eat healthy or make good life choices because fat suddenly equals lazy.

There’s a huuuugee aversion to fatness in the cosplay community too, I’ve learned. If you don’t look exactly like a certain character, some idiots will come after you. Since there’s such a large portion of supermodel types turned cosplayers (which there’s NOTHING WRONG WITH either! I hate shaming of ANY body type) many “muggles” see that as the norm and cosplayers are exclusively ‘hot chicks in cosplay’ to a mainstream society.

It’s taken me years to realize that even if I lost a shit ton of weight, I would still look weird because I’m naturally curvy and gigantic boobs. Losing weight wouldn’t make me feel better about myself. I needed to feel better about myself in general. And you know what? I’m happier at this weight, my pleasantly plump fatty self,  than I ever was when I was younger and despised the way I looked because of the horrible opinions of bullies and cruel kids.

So go ahead, friends, drop the f-bomb, and stop the negativity!.