Finding Confidence in the Nerdiest Places : Can Cosplay Improve Your Self Image?


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Photo by Darien D. Hester.

Sometimes, when your craft foam armor that you’ve worked weeks on starts falling apart, or days when your wig just won’t look right, or when you feel totally fat in spandex, it can be hard to remember why we cosplay in the first place. While cosplay can be frustrating at times,  it’s important for me to remind myself why I started in the first place. Continue reading “Finding Confidence in the Nerdiest Places : Can Cosplay Improve Your Self Image?”

Funko POP! Heroes : 1966 Batmobile – Toy Review

I’ve never really reviewed toys and figures on here before, but I figured this was a great place to start! Being that the entire Batman ’66 series just came to Blu-Ray/DVD, the show’s popularity has re-surfaced again after nearly 5 decades. This past weekend at Albany Comic Con whilst doing my walk around the dealer’s room, I came across the POP! Heroes 1966 Batmobile at one of the booths. Say what you want about The Dark Knight, but he’s definitely got the sweetest wheels of anyone in the comic book world.

Naturally, being such a big fan of the Bat myself, and of — yes, the super cheesy 1966 Television show of the same name, I had to finally buy myself this toy. The POP! Batmobile comes with the 3 3/4inch Batman figure, and holds one figure behind the wheel.

I thought the paint job done on this toy was actually awesome! A lot of toys and figures you see today really lack in the paint detailing, but this is a total exception.  Even the tiny steering wheel has the Bat-Symbol where the horn would be!

Batman himself isn’t too shabby either in the paint detailing! Even though Funko POP! Figures have those strange facial features like big eyes and minimal facial detail, little Batsy’s paint work is pretty awesome! The detailing on his utility belt alone is super impressive.


My only gripes with the Batmobile are the inability to put Robin next to Batman in the car, since it only seats one due to the POP! figure dimensions. Also, the car is not actually operational, meaning the wheels are stationary.

Other than those two tiny nit picking details, I really enjoy this addition to my Funko POP! Collection and love the way it looks up on my mantle. I’ll definitely be collecting the rest of the ’66 Bat POP! figures, since I’ve got Batman and Joker already. The POP Heroes: 1966 Batmobile goes for around 30 dollars and can be found in stores such as Barnes and Noble and Hot Topic. However, I snagged mine for 25 dollars at the convention. Pretty sweet deal for some sweet wheels!



Update: Announcements for 11/2014

Hi all!

It’s been a while since I updated the site but am going to be updating this more regularly since I have revamped it a bit. Thanks to Ike N. Adibe, my personal tech guru and life savior for helping me fix this baby up!

You’re probably wondering (or not) what I’ve been up to for the past few months. It’s been an insane year for me! In 2014 alone, I managed to move out of my childhood home and make it on my own (with a lot of help from my lovely boyfriend C-Mart of fame), make about 14 new cosplays (no, that’s not a lie, as much as my wallet wants it to be) and have reached over 3,000 followers on my Facebook page.

In addition to all of that, I’ve been writing for and have a bunch more projects and announcements to make in the coming days, so make sure to stay tuned for them and for all new blog posts from Undiesofwondy! <3

Thank you for the continued support!.