Featured Cosplayer : Lonstermash!

Photos via Lonstermash on Facebook, courtesy of Ning Wong Studios.
Photos via Lonstermash on Facebook, courtesy of Ning Wong Studios.

Recently, I started up a Facebook page for the Twitter I run, @CosplayJunkFood, and asked cosplayers to send me their pictures to be featured on the page. Well, when ‘Lonstermash’ shared his Wolverine cosplay with me, I couldn’t NOT feature him on the site! Gotta give credit to the male cosplayers, since cosplay has now become so dominated by females, so without further ado, meet Lon!

Name/Cosplay Name: Lonstermash

Website/Cosplay Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/Lonstermash

How did you first get into cosplay?: I first got into cosplay by accident/random luck.  I have always been a big Halloween fan (it’s my favorite time of the year), and all of my cosplays originated AS Halloween costumes, but, never even knowing that cosplay existed until not even 18 months ago, that was as far as it went.  Then, one day, I was visiting someone I briefly dated who lives in San Diego (I live in LA), and it just happened to be Comic Con weekend of 2012, so we went down to check it out from the outside.  I saw all the wonderful cosplayers walking around and immediately thought back to how much fun I had dressing up on Halloween and how fun it would be to now do this at SDCC next year (I had NO idea there were other cons).  Then, a random guy hands me a flier for Comikaze, right in my own back yard practically, in a couple of months in LA.  So I attended that, dressed as Logan, and I was in love with the experience from the moment I arrived!  I think I had more pictures taken of me that day than I had taken in my entire 42 years of life, at the time, and I loved interacting with the fans and other cosplayers.  About a month later, I viewed a video from that weekend, in which I was featured along with my now friend and fellow cosplayer, Angi Viper.  Angi had publicly commented about how good she thought I looked, so I returned the compliment, and we soon became friends.  Thanks to her, I then met other cosplayers and photographers and learned about other cons. So there you have it.   Cool story, huh?

What do you love most about cosplay?: I most love taking pictures with and for fans, ESPECIALLY with my kid fans!

How long have you been cosplaying?: Since Comikaze in Sep 2012.

Favorite cosplay memory?: The children’s hospital visit I made last year with a group of cosplayer friends, organized my friend at The Trinity All-Stars cosplay  (it’s a father and his 2 awesome kids that cosplay together).

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