Plus Sized Cosplay is A-Okay!

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At New York Comic Con this year, I had the absolute pleasure of becoming friends with ilikecomicstoo through several photo-ops and video shoots. She and I got to talking, and we came up with the idea that later became this video.

This past year, I recieved a great deal of hate in regards to some photos I posted of my Black Canary cosplay. Yes, I realize I am plus sized. Yes, I cosplayed a character who technically speaking, isn’t plus sized. But I love the character immensely and I did it anyway. Unfortunately, the internet is a horrible place, so people with their critical eyes came to, well, tear me down.

Luckily, I have good friends who don’t enjoy seeing me upset, and they took to the internet to defend me and my cosplays. My good friend Christopher Jones, who is an artist for many titles, most recognizable for his work on the ‘Young Justice’ tie in comic,  posted a photo of my Black Canary cosplay on his page, and the Tumblr notes came flying in with positive comments.

So, why am I telling this story? Not to brag, or to boost my ego (well, mostly, anyway…), but to convey this message. There may be one idiot who doesn’t like your work, but there can be a whole slew of people who love it. For every one negative comment, there will most likely be 10 positive comments. And you should never stop doing what you love because someone else wants to cut you down, simply to make themselves feel better about their own pathetic lives.

Now that cosplay is a hobby that has become a bit more mainstream, I feel that the bullying is at an all time high. Initially, I never shared this video on my site, because by the time I was available to post a write up, the video was already old hat. But bullying is a thing that is still consistent in the cosplay world, and I constantly receive messages on Tumblr and on the Plus Sized Cosplay Appreciation Facebook Page of stories very similar to my own.

Bottom line? Bullying is icky. Don’t do it. And if you see something, please speak out! If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

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