Featured Cosplayer : Lonstermash!

Photos via Lonstermash on Facebook, courtesy of Ning Wong Studios.
Photos via Lonstermash on Facebook, courtesy of Ning Wong Studios.

Recently, I started up a Facebook page for the Twitter I run, @CosplayJunkFood, and asked cosplayers to send me their pictures to be featured on the page. Well, when ‘Lonstermash’ shared his Wolverine cosplay with me, I couldn’t NOT feature him on the site! Gotta give credit to the male cosplayers, since cosplay has now become so dominated by females, so without further ado, meet Lon!

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Featured Cosplayer: Marlene aka ‘ILikeComicsToo’!

Photos courtesy of ilikecomicstoo.tumblr.com
Photos courtesy of ilikecomicstoo.tumblr.com

Get to know Marlene, aka the fabulous lady behind @ilikecomicstoo on Twitter and ilikecomicstoo.com! 

Miss Marlene happens to be a great friend of mine who I met at this year’s NYCC! You might have seen her at San Diego Comic Con in 2013 as a panelist, or on MTV’s ‘My Life as Liz’, where she interviewed the always fabulous Stan Lee. She was also a correspondent for Wizard World TV! Most importantly, Marlene is a great person who I can’t wait to work with in the future! So, without further ado, here is Marlene to tell you more about herself!

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New York Comic Con 2013/NYC Cosplay Meet-Up!



I never got around to posting these photos, but here they are, better late than never. Thank you all for being AMAZING and making 2013 so special. It was a year of epic cosplays, that’s for sure!

I brought two people to New York Comic Con this year for their first cons ever, and also christened two new cosplayers in the process. Thanks to Erin and my cousin Stephen for being my ‘dates’ for Thursday and Sunday respectively. If you see someone you know in this album, feel free to share it around! I’d love to make new friends.

The rest of the photos can be found HERE..

Plus Sized Cosplay is A-Okay!

Photo by: IsaiahStephens.DeviantArt.Com


At New York Comic Con this year, I had the absolute pleasure of becoming friends with ilikecomicstoo through several photo-ops and video shoots. She and I got to talking, and we came up with the idea that later became this video.

This past year, I recieved a great deal of hate in regards to some photos I posted of my Black Canary cosplay. Yes, I realize I am plus sized. Yes, I cosplayed a character who technically speaking, isn’t plus sized. But I love the character immensely and I did it anyway. Unfortunately, the internet is a horrible place, so people with their critical eyes came to, well, tear me down.

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CONvergence 2013 – Bloomington, MN


This year I attended my first CONvergence in Bloomington, MN. CONvergence is an annual convention for fans of Science Fiction and Fantasy in all media: a 4-day event with more than 6,000 members.

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Hello, 2014!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Hello, all! I hope you had a wonderful holiday and a VERY Happy New Year! 2014 is a year I hope to be filled with the greatest of things. As you probably have noticed, there has been, up until now, a lack of posts and such on this page. But now that my schedule has cleared itself up (finishing college and life is not as crazy, etc.) I will be regularly updating this site.

Just to fill you all in–I have been posting regularly on my Facebook page, linked both here and above on the menu bar, with cosplay progress and other life updates. I am happy and proud to say that I have now surpassed 600 likes there, which is something I never imagined when starting my cosplays! I also post regularly on my Twitter page, where you can see my daily snark and sass.

2013 was a crazy year, but I have also received many opportunities that will carry over into 2014. I am now the co-host of Media Junk Food’s ‘JunkFood Podcast’, along with my good friend, Phoenix, who you may know as @Da_Nerdette over on Twitter! The episodes will be posted here on this page so you can all keep up with my zany antics on the podcasting side of things.

I am also now the head of the Costumers With A Cause NYC branch, where I will be organizing and rounding up NYC cosplayers to attend and assist in charity events locally. I have always wanted to give back through costuming and am so happy to be given an opportunity to do so!

As for this site–I will be attending more events and conventions this year, and will be covering them extensively here. I will also be posting more photos, vlogs and blogs here as well, and once again, will be back to posting here regularly. Thank you for all the support and I hope 2014 is wonderful for you all!